Electrical Certificate of Compliance: Book your Electrical COC today! 

We offer professional and certified safety checks to ensure that the electrical installation in your home is up to standard and that it adhere to all South African laws. It’s critical to be proactive and ensure that your electrical installation is in good working order and safe, as electricians are frequently called when it is too late. Older homes, in particular, require more frequent inspections to prevent defective wiring and grounding. If you notice any issues with your electricity, you should contact a professional such as Electrician Pros to ensure your safety and security.

What is checked during a electrical safety inspection?

  • Inspection and testing of switchboards
  • All available power points are subjected to an earth loop and polarity test.
  • Inspection of electrical appliances
  • Inspection of all appliances given by the landlord

Upon completion, an electrical safety and compliance certificate is supplied.

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Safety Switch Testing

All of your electrical appliances, lights, and outlets are distributed via circuit RCDs. An RCD is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault, which are critical for your family’s safety. All electrical installations requires a RCD by law, and it is critical to have your RCDs checked on a regular basis by a qualified electrician to ensure you are safe and compliant. Electrician Pros can provide upfront quotes, perform repairs, and for businesses, we do logbook reporting and verify that everything is in compliance with South African law.

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